The Owner Mindset of The Space

It was late afternoon, drizzling, and I was in the car waiting for the green light. To pick up sister from her art class.

While hearing the sound of the raindrops inside the car, everything went calm. The roads and streets were lighting, the puddles on the road were reflecting those lights smoothly. It felt like the rain is trying to pat and make calm this noisy and chaotic world.

And a thought knocked from the inside of me.
Isn’t this is the reason why people want to buy their cars?

Whether they are interested in cars or not, we always think buying a car is something that we need to put down on our list to do in a lifetime.

And why is that?

The convenience of the movement? Perhaps not. We can have that comfort of moving with taxis and buses. But what we feel from the car, own car is somewhat different.

The beauty of engineering? That’s only valid to petrol heads.

My answer to that question is this.
‘The owner minded of the space.’

Wherever we reside, one of the fundamental human’s desires is to have our own space called ‘room’.
And even while we travelling or moving, a desire to own the space shown.

When we are in the middle of the road, we only have control of the inside of the car. I can make inside cool or warm regardless of the temperature outside. I can fill the space with music that I please.

But these are not the controls that I can have in the buses or taxis.

Also, I can even decide whether to connect with the outside by opening and closing windows.

Our new theme is sharing and streaming services.
Vehicle sharing system has been a big issue for recent years.
But after the COVID pandemic, most people felt the necessity of their vehicle more than any time. And no one was willing to take the sharing services by risking their safety.

I assume unless our instinct or desire to own the space is disappeared, we will keep demand the cars to own.